Why replacing your windows benefit you more than you think

Benefits of replacing your windows

The prospect of replacing your windows can be quite daunting but it’s actually simpler and more beneficial than you might think.



If you have old and decrepit windows then you’re practically throwing money down the drain. Old windows tend to lose their energy efficiency over time due to cracks and gaps appearing between frames. Low energy efficiency means you spend more money on heating to keep your house warm. The average household spends £3770 per year on heating which for some is a 5th of their annual income. This figure jumps 22% to £4600 if your house is less energy efficient than the regular household. If we assume the average window cost of a window is £400 and you need to replace 10 windows that’s £4000. By making your house energy efficient you save £830 per year so by the 5th year you’ll have paid off your windows. The average life span of a window is 25 years so you’d make £16,600 of profit over 20 years. This money can be reinvested into more important things such as food, furniture, repairs etc.


So, to conclude, replacement windows may seem expensive short term but the benefits of them in the long term are worth it.

*Statistics provided by  https://goo.gl/wvzXdS



Sometimes we pretend to be content with things when actually we’re really not, one of those times is with the appearance of our house. We get so focused on the cost of things that we lose sight of what we actually love. After learning that you can actually make money buying windows maybe it’s about time you replaced your boring, unappealing windows.


Lead Based Paint

Prior to 1992 lead based could be purchased by the general public. Lead based paint is/was highly toxic to humans, especially infants and small children. Lead based paint can cause serious health issues such as convulsions, comas, kidney failure and in some circumstances death. If your windows were painted or installed before 1992 then there’s a chance they could have been painted with lead based paint. If that’s the case get your windows replaced as soon as possible.


Resale Value

Replacement windows help to improve your homes resale value instantly. The idea of not having to worry about windows for 20+ years is quite appealing for new home owners so it may be worth getting your windows replaced before selling your home.


If you’re looking for some replacement windows feel free to fill out a no obligation quote here. We also have a deal on for 7 windows and 2 doors at only £2500 which saves you £1300!

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