National Glass- Why correct installation is important

Correct installation can make or break a home. Make sure your doors and windows are fitted correctly.


It’s important when installing doors to have a correct seal and fit around the door. An incorrect fit can result in your door degrading far quicker than if the fit was correct. Not only does the fit matter in regards to life expectancy but also aesthetics, if the fit is slightly off it will look bad. Correct installation stops you from having to prematurely buy a new door. Although you could buy a cheap door it isn’t viable when you don’t have to buy one at all. 


An example of when aesthetics matter is in regards to two doors.  If you had a pair of French doors and one door was fitted slightly lower than the other it would look ridiculous. The difference also means that your doors aren’t as energy efficient as they could be if they were installed correctly. 

French and Patio Doors

French doors and patio doors are more likely to be installed incorrectly in comparison to sliding doors, however, that doesn’t mean sliding doors are without their faults. French and patio doors tend to be incorrectly fitted due to there being two doors involved which doubles the chance of error. They can be installed backwards (somehow) and can also be fitted so that one door is lower/higher than the other. 

French Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be incorrectly fitted on the slides or can be put on the wrong side (so that the lock faces the outside). Not only does poor fitting compromise the energy efficiency of the door but it also makes it easier for intruders to break into your home.

 Sliding doors


Make sure you double check measurements with the people that are installing so you avoid doors and fittings that are too small/large. Once the door is installed make sure you are happy with the installation if you aren’t tell the installation team to fix it. 




At National Glass, we ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our work. We treat all our projects as if they were our homes which ensures that all our installations are up to scratch. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. 

If you’re interested in any of our services fill out our free, no obligation quote here. 

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