What door suits you?

For some, choosing a new door can be quite daunting given all of the options available. At National Glass, we keep things simple.   

Options available to you:

  • UPVC (un-plasticized PolyVinyl Chloride): UPVC, along with composite, is one of the most popular choices for homeowners in regards to doors. Un-plasticized PolyVinyl Chloride (a hard plastic) is the sole material used in these doors. Due to the material these doors are made from they are weather resistant, energy efficient, secure and most importantly, affordable. UPVC doors come in a variety of colours and styles. 
  • Composite: Composite doors, for the most part, have similar characteristics to UPVC in that they are weather resistant, energy efficient, secure and affordable. Composite doors are renowned for there lifespan which can be 30 years (35 if well taken care of). At National Glass, we offer a 10-year free warranty. 
  • Stable: Stable doors are doors that are split into two sections, upper and lower. This design allows you to open half your door which provides excellent ventilation during summer time. Some people worry about the security of stable doors but with our double lock system, you need not worry. Stable doors also allow your pets easy access to the garden by opening the bottom half. I wouldn’t have these doors as a front door as personally, they wouldn’t suit it for a lot of houses. However, they’d make an excellent choice for a back or side door. 


 National Glass- Door fitting


Composite doors tend to lead the pack when it comes to popularity. The longevity of these doors makes them ideal for people who need an affordable door. Composite doors require little maintenance in comparison to stable doors and tend to outlast uPVC doors by 5-10 years. They also have more styling and colour options in comparison to uPVC doors. 

In my opinion, stable doors are more stylish and versatile than uPVC and composite doors. However, they require more maintenance due to the material they’re made from. 



Personally, if you’re looking for an all-round door the uPVC is the perfect for you. They require little to no maintenance, last at least 25 years and are reasonably priced. 

Composite doors are for the more stylish people with a little bit of a bigger budget. Able to be produced in a variety of styles and colours, composite doors can perfectly match the style of your home. Secure and energy efficient these doors are made for the long run. 

Finally, stable doors. The all-round versatile door makes for the perfect side/back door. Ideal for the summertime with its two opening sections, it allows pets easy access outside and also provides the perfect ventilation system. 

Whichever unit you pick National Glass will help you every step of the way.